The book Finding Someplace, written by Denis Lewis Clark, is a realistic fiction book. The main character Reesie enjoys making clothing and designing clothing. Near her birthday, Hurricane Katrina is coming her way so she has to evacuate. She only has one backpack and has to choose what to bring with her. 

While reading about what Reesie had to put in her backpack, I thought about special things I would’ve put in my backpack if I was in the same situation. My backpack would probably contain my stuffed animal dog and my blanket. Those are special things to me and I had them when I was a child. Then, I would put some snacks and fill my water bottle because those are basic human needs. A flashlight and some batteries would be useful if there was no power. After those things I would pack my devices and a change of clothes. My devices would be useful to try and contact someone for help. Finally, I would bring hand ointment and a toothbrush with toothpaste just for hygiene. I would’ve brought everything because a lot of things have a special meaning to me, but I needed to choose what was the most useful and special. These simple things remind me of my childhood moments.

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