The Cliffs, a book in the Fazbear Frights series, is a horror fiction book. For me, the three stories in the book are window stories. The book is written by Scott Cawthon, Elley Cooper, and Andrea Waggener. Window stories are stories that you can’t really relate to. It’s like looking at something else’s life. Mirror stories are like looking at a book and what’s happening is something that you can mostly relate to. Some books could be both.

The first story is about Robert, a single father trying to take care of his son. He finds an expensive Teddy bear that helps him take care of his son. He decides to buy it because his son has already gotten attached to the bear and it can notify him about his son whenever he’s not around. That is a window story for me because I’ve never had a son. 

Reed, the main character in the second story, is trying to stand up to the school bully called Julius. They just finished robotics class and while his friend Pickle is leaving he gets tripped by Julius. Everyone leaves and Julius starts boasting about the endoskeleton he’s made and says how he’ll lock Reed inside. Suddenly, Julius goes unconscious, so Reed takes advantage of that and Locks Julius inside of the endoskeleton as a punishment for his deeds. Reed felt guilty so he decided he would free Julius later. So what’s happening right now is nothing I can relate to. I’ve never tried to stand up to a bully or ever seen one. That’s how this story is also a window for me.

Finally, the last story is about a boy called Chris. He wants to be like the others and have a good education. Chris decides to go to a famous science club known for doing a life changing experiment once a year. He is told to take out his tooth for the experiment and put it into the Faz-Goo which is part of the Fazbear Mad Scientist Kit. Dr. Little, the science club teacher, says that the Faz-Goo would turn into something and tell them something that they would never forget. I’ve never taken a tooth out for a science experiment and I don’t plan to either. I also never attended a science club, so this story is definitely a window for me. I’ve read many books and now I just realized that I mainly read window types of books. You should try and see what type of book you mainly read and try the other kind. Sometimes you might have a better reading experience.

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