Daily habits are habits you do daily. It could be anything really, like sleeping before ten or practicing piano every day. For class, our daily habit was to plank every day. We first started with 15 seconds. Then 30 seconds the next week. Then 45. At first, I really disliked this. My arms, hands, and back always got so sore. I kept procrastinating on planking and I made excuses. Over time, I slowly got used to planking, and it didn’t bother me that much anymore. For some people planking is more mental than strength. I think planking is more mental for me than strength. I’ve been planking for many months. We got to two minutes and 45 seconds for our last plank together. For our last plank that we did by ourselves, we planked for as long as we could. I planked to four minutes, and I’m proud of that. I never thought I would ever plank that long. After all of that planking we were allowed to choose a different daily habit to continue doing.

The new habit I chose is spending more time with my guinea pig. Like I said, a daily habit could be anything. I decided to spend more time with my guinea pig because he’s quite lonely. After summer break ended I never really spent time with him anymore. Also, it’s not a daily habit I would try to avoid and it makes me and my guinea pig happy. (Unless he doesn’t want to spend time with me.) So it’s a win-win situation. When I thought of this habit, I thought of my mother always telling me how lonely and sad my guinea pig is and how he misses me. So by choosing this daily habit, I could make my mother be satisfied too.

Reflecting back to my weeks of planking, I’ve realized that I truly can do something if I push myself to do it. There always are some challenges to doing something. For planking I was really good at procrastinating. I had a lack of motivation and complained silently in my head while planking. That’s probably why some days I rested in the middle of planking. All in all, this experience has definitely taught me something, and I’m glad I never gave up.



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