Last weekend there was some snow. Since it doesn’t snow a lot around where I live, I wanted to do something with the snow. I actually only went outside when the snow started melting because of procrastination, but we don’t talk about that part. I didn’t wear gloves because I thought I wouldn’t be grabbing snow, but then I started taking the snow with my hands and running around. It was raining and the snow was melting all around me and my hands felt frost bitten so I decided to go back inside for a while. That’s not true. I didn’t stay inside for a while. I actually stepped inside for one second and then went back outside. I still didn’t get gloves. I minute later, I started eating the snow which wasn’t a good idea. Even though the snow didn’t taste good, I kept eating it. I don’t know why I was shoving snow in my mouth, but I’m fine right now so that doesn’t matter. Eventually my hands got really cold from touching all the snow, so then I went back inside. I think I was outside for about 35 minutes and my hands felt really numb, so I put them in burning hot water (which wasn’t a good idea), and left my hands in there for five minutes. I actually couldn’t feel how hot the water was so I didn’t feel the pain of my hand burning. Putting my hands in hot water didn’t work very well, and my hand was turning purple and red, so I wrapped my hand in blankets. Touching things with my numb hand felt really weird, and it felt especially weird when I was touching my blankets. For some reason my thumb was the least numb. I’m pretty sure my hands suffered the same amount of snow, so it was confusing why my thumb felt alright compared to my other fingers. My pointer finger was the worst, so it about 30 more minutes than the other fingers to heal. In total, my fingers took one hour and thirty minutes to finally feel warm and cozy again.

A day after that I got an idea. Since I ate snow and it totally tasted great, my guinea pig should eat some too. It actually took me four days to give some snow to my guinea pig because of procrastination. When I finally got up to get some snow, most of the snow was gone by then and it took me ten minutes to get a little chunk of snow for my guinea pig. Here’s a random fun fact that isn’t really important, but I’ll tell you anyways. When I say snow, I actually mean ice blocks. That’s why I had a hard time finding actual snow. I also had a hard time finding snow because most of it already melted. I found a shovel and started carefully scooping up the thin layer of actual snow above the ice because it snowed again while I was sleeping. And that’s why a thin layer of snow is on an ice chunk. I actually didn’t learn from grabbing “snow” with my hands from my earlier experiences, so before I used a shovel, I tried to grab an ice block with my hand. The problem was that it was too hard to peel off the ground, so I gave up. Then I saw a shovel. Then, I used the shovel to get the snow. My technique was to smack the ice with the shovel to crack it, but that never worked so I finally found out that I only needed to scrape the top layer of the ice to get the actual real snow. I fed the small clump of actual snow to my guinea pig. He took a couple of bites and then left me for some lettuce bits. He seemed to enjoy the snow, so maybe next time I’ll put some ice blocks in his cage to see if he’ll enjoy that. I learned a not very valuable lesson from this. It is to not grab snow with bare hands. Hopefully, you and other people that are reading this will already know this.

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